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Innovation in Learning Inc.
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What We Do

Innovation in Learning develops and deploys 3D virtual medical environments with virtual patients for the training of healthcare personnel. We build evidence-based simulations and scenarios for learning in these medical virtual worlds. Our goal is translation of concept learning into actionable knowledge so as to develop well-trained health care professionals, effective teams, and safe hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and homes.

We Build Individual and Team Expertise . . .

Our learning environments build knowledge and skills through experiential learning, Learners enter rich 3D medical environments, meet and manage simulated patients and their families, and collaborate with other real people also in these environments. We support the immersive learning experience with modular, assessable learning content, engaging multimedia experiences, and online interaction with content experts.

. . . Through Immersive Experiences

Our three-dimensional virtual clinics, emergency departments, and city scenes are online virtual spaces that replicate familiar medical environments. Learners move and explore, interact with team members or other personnel, and manage medically relevant encounters. With surgical and medical simulations, they hone existing skills and practice new ones. They collaborate with peers to explore and understand near real 3D anatomy. Exploration, learning, patient management, and team exercises are all capabilities of the products that we offer. Through our collaboration with international medical leaders, we bring state-of-the-art knowledge to our learners.

. . . For Training and Capacity Building

Innovation in Learning Inc. meets the training and capacity building needs of health care institutions and enterprises anywhere in the world. We integrate our key technologies and content collections with yours, to create solutions to fit your needs.

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