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Selected Papers

Youngblood P, Harter PM, Srivastava S, Moffett S, Heinrichs WL, Dev P. "Design, development, and evaluation of an online virtual emergency department for training trauma teams". Simulation in Healthcare. 3:146-53, 2008. PubMedID 19088658

Heinrichs WL, Kung SY, Dev P "Design and Implementation of Rule-based Medical Models: An In Silico Patho-physiological Trauma Model for Hypovolemic Shock." Stud Health Technol Inform. 2008; 132: 159-64. PubMedID 18391278

Creutzfeldt J, Hedman L, Medin C, Wallin CJ, Hendrick A, Youngblood P, Heinrichs WL, Felländer-Tsai L. "Implementing virtual worlds for systematic training of prehospital CPR in medical school". Stud Health Technol Inform. 125:82-4, 2007. PubMedID 17377239

Youngblood P, Dev P "A framework for evaluating new learning technologies in medicine." AMIA Annu Symp Proc 2005; 1163. PubMedID 16779449

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Talks / Slides

"Tutorial on Virtual Worlds and Simulation" for the AMIA 2009 Annual Conference, by Parvati Dev.

"Virtual Medical Worlds for Team Training" by Parvati Dev.


Presentation of Final Report at the National Library of Medicine on "Advanced Network Infrastructure for Distributed Learning and Collaborative Research". (Streaming video, 225 Kbps; Real player required), August 2007.

Parvati Dev spoke at the Slice of Life 2007 held in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her talk was entitled, "Virtual Worlds for Team Learning Using Online Multiplayer Video Game Technology." (Streaming video, 225 Kbps; Real player required), June 2007.

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