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CliniSpace™ – Virtual Hospitals and Clinics

IIL provides a complete collaborative virtual medical environment, CliniSpace™, for medical training and conferencing. CliniSpace is highly accessible (accessible through an Internet web browser), runs on commodity computers (does not require a graphics card), is fully 3D (navigable space), with interactive medical objects (bed, IV stand, oxygen, suction, medications, supplies, EKG, ultrasound, AED, and more), is multi-user (learners, facilitators, role players and observer avatars), and is populated with virtual patients whose pathophysiology is dynamic and who can be managed by the learner using a range of interventions (medication, fluids for volume replacement, wound management, IV and catheter placement, and diagnostic or imaging tests).

CliniSpace is available through an annual subscription or for a specific course.

Custom configurations of CliniSpace are available on request.

DynaPatients™ – Virtual Patients

IIL provides DynaPatient™, virtual patients with dynamic pathophysiology, both in CliniSpace and for licensing for use in other virtual environments. The pathophysiology model operates “under the skin” of the avatar, providing a simple, simulated human physiology.

The medical model for a virtual patient reflects her patho-physiology before, during, and after appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The initial setting of each avatar’s model is determined by rules common for all instances in a category, and they change the clinical evolution of a scenario. The model also recognizes timely interventions, and restores the vital signs, and underlying pathophysiology, on appropriate treatment. Virtual patients are safe environments for learners to practice their diagnosis and treatment skills, and Virtual Worlds for teaching and practicing patient care are complete only when patient avatars have dynamic patho-physiological models.

DynaPatients are available in CliniSpace. They are also available as web-based training tools for classroom use or for individual practice.

Custom DynaPatients are created on request.

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